Forest Hills antibiotic treatment

Forest Hills Antibiotic Treatment

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Antibiotic treatment in Forest Hills

You may already be familiar with the benefits of antibiotics for problems that range from strep throat to eye infections, but they are also of tremendous value when applied to promoting and maintaining the health of your gums. Here at the practice of Len Schwarzbaum DDS, our Forest Hills antibiotic treatment is one of the key ways that are put into action for that purpose.

Your gums are prone to the impact of the bacteria found in dental plaque and tartar just as much as your teeth are. In fact, because bacteria can hide away, such as in your gum pockets, it may be even more of a challenge to maintain optimal oral wellness. Of course, you should brush your teeth and floss thoroughly every single day, but that is only one essential part of a complete program that is designed to help you prevent gum issues. Coming in twice per year for a dental cleaning is crucial, too. It’s the only way to eradicate tartar buildup and reverse the signs of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis. For various reasons, however, including having gum pockets that are too deep, and underlying conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, your gums can become inflamed or infected. When that happens, your gums and the bone tissue that surrounds it may erode. Your teeth might even ultimately become loose. Our Forest Hills antibiotic treatment, used by itself, or in conjunction with scaling and root planing (periodontal cleaning), gum surgery, and other options, works to eliminate gum infections. It can be done topically or orally, short term or long term. Each person is different, and so your unique needs, preferences, and circumstances are taken into account when determining the best course of action.

For our Forest Hills antibiotic treatment or other methods of addressing gum health, reach out to our office to schedule an appointment.

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