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Antibiotic treatment in Forest Hills

When it comes to effective gum treatment, we at the office of Len Schwarzbaum DDS are pleased to offer you the options that are most suitable for your needs, and to help you avoid periodontal surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary. One such method utilized here is antibiotic treatment.

At the center of the reason for the development and progression of gum disease is bacteria. The film-like dental plaque, and the crustier and hardened tartar are both bacterial-based. And since antibiotics are used to address bacteria, our Forest Hills periodontics puts them to work when it comes to the healing of our gums. Unlike gum therapy or surgery, this type of treatment is completely painless and non-invasive. There are three ways that our Forest Hills periodontics can administer antibiotic treatment. You can either take it in pill form, applied topically to your gums, or as a liquid, where you use it just as you would a mouthwash or dental rinse. The exact method will depend on various factors, including the severity of your gum disease and your personal preferences. In more stubborn cases, the antibiotics may be used directly in your gum pockets. Once your gums have healed properly, you may still benefit from this treatment as a preventive measure. Low doses for an extended time can stop gum disease from returning, which is of particular help if you have had to deal with frequent recurrences. Antibiotic treatment may be ideal on its own, but in other cases, it is most efficient when combined with a deep cleaning, which is like a regular teeth cleaning, except that it gets down to the roots.

Contact our office to set up an appointment. Come in for a consultation and examination with our Forest Hills periodontics. Find out if you’re a good candidate for antibiotic treatment.

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