Implants in Forest Hills

Implants in Forest Hills

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Dental Implants in Forest Hills

The only thing better than getting a dental implant is getting one placed by a specialist like our periodontal expert, Len Schwarzbaum. Enjoy the experience of getting a lifelike new tooth that can last as long as a lifetime, while having a smooth and comfortable experience, free of undue discomfort.

Our implants in Forest Hills are composed of two basic parts. The first is a titanium post, and it serves the role of a root, just as all your natural teeth have. It’s what sets them apart from traditional bridges and dentures. The post is surgically placed in your jaw bone, and it extends up to the gum line. Your jaw tissue begins to grow around the post. In the course of a few months, it has fused with the post. Having this artificial root makes our implants in Forest Hills strong enough to stand up to chewing even the toughest and crunchiest foods you might choose. You can speak with full confidence because it won’t move. You don’t even need messy adhesive. Also, your facial contours are preserved because of the root, and vital gum and bone tissue won’t atrophy. The second key component is the tooth-colored crown. Impressions are taken and the dental lab makes the crown to precise standards. It is then cemented to the top of the post. And that’s all there is to it. You have a complete new tooth that stands on its own. Brush it, floss between it and your other teeth, and do everything you would otherwise do.

In some ways, it’s fair to say that our implants in Forest Hills are even better than your own teeth. Implants never have cavities and they don’t cause you toothaches. So why not reach out to us right this moment and schedule a consultation and examination at our office?

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