Periodontal scaling Upper East Side

Periodontal Scaling Upper East Side

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Periodontal scaling and root planing in Upper East Side

Periodontal scaling Upper East Side
Periodontal scaling Upper East Side

Many people have early signs of gum disease and don’t know it. However, if left untreated even early stage gingivitis, the most common simple form of gum disease can turn into a much more serious condition that can separate gums from teeth, cause bone and tooth loss and cause tooth restorations to fail. Periodontal scaling Upper East Side by Dr. Len Schwarzbaum, DDS can help prevent the spread of gingivitis through periodontal therapy.

Gum disease occurs when tartar, plaque and debris form along the gum line and begin to get into the space between the teeth and gums, this causes pockets to form and get deeper. Bacteria can form in the pockets from the accumulation of plaque and tartar, which causes the gum to separate from the teeth even further, eventually weakening the support for the teeth and separating the gums from the jawbone. Periodontal scaling Upper East Side is done by our periodontist, who has had special training in treating diseases of the gum. For mild or moderate gingivitis our doctor will perform scaling and root planing. In this procedure our staff will clean all the tartar, plaque and bacteria away from the gum line and from within the pockets through a scaling process. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned the doctor will smooth out the roots of the teeth in the affected area to calm them and promote healing.

Periodontal scaling Upper East Side and root planing is the first therapy that is tried in cases of simple gingivitis. Should the procedure not be effective and the disease recurs, or if the gingivitis is too severe or if another type of gum disease is present our practice has other forms of periodontal therapy. For these situations our doctor will likely perform one of several periodontal surgeries to alleviate the problem. The bottom line is that the earlier gum disease is detected and treated the easier the treatment and the less damage. If your dentist has indicated that you may be affected by gingivitis or if you haven’t.

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